Startup expertise and negotiating power

  • Agenda: self-promotion
  • subject: expertise as a source of power
  • scenario: startup negotiating for expertise

Every startup founder – and their original team – goes into the world mostly not knowing anything about their “business”.

Many of them are acutely aware of their lack of expert knowledge. In response, they seek expertise outside the firm to supplement their team’s capabilities. To fill the “gaps” in their knowledge.

This seeking help, support, is a sign of self-awareness, a key trait of leaders and terms that can get better.

One consequence for founders and teams of this acutely felt ignorance of “business” knowledge is unconfidence. In a way, this lack of confidence is a positive quality: signifying self-awareness, healthy, durable self-esteem, modesty and respect for others’ distinctive value.

So, why am I writing? What’s my point? To praise mature adults?

I see this, and it doesn’t serve the team, not their nascent business’ future strength: the founder’s unconfidence …