3/23: Cheryl Platz on “Customer Context” (NHUXPA)

Agenda: Promote NH UXPA & my colleagues and friends, Kyle Soucy and Roger Soucy .
Agenda: Claim I am curious, social, and keep learning from others.
Agenda: Give prospective clients and colleagues an idea of what I do with myself, especially in my area of practice.
Agenda: Increase the chance of being found online by generating more stuff of mine. (Fiddle with my SEO rosary and “Genuflect! Genuflect! Genuflect!”, in the lyrics of Tom Lehrer)

On Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 (via Zoom – what else?)

NHUXPA will present Cheryl Platz, a UX designer, who will propound regarding her research methods for learning “customer context”.

I understand that she developed these out of her practice of improvisational theater.

That grabs me.

I find the pseudo-academic habits of user research limit our esteem and development of other skills of observation and analysis that may shed light on people’s behaviours and be used to understand them, acting and improv among them.

(Other pursuits and performances I’m especially interested in using and borrowing from are: dance, choreography, stand-up comedy, hand-crafts, fishing, tracking, athletic coaching, textile design, weaving, logic, auto mechanics, climbing, sketching. Others, too.)

I expect a welcoming and informative event from Roger and Kyle because every NHUXPA meeting I’ve attended has been so. As far back as…2007?

Cheryl as written about her research methods in her “Design Beyond Devices“*, published last December by Rosenfeld Media.

Join me!

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* NB: I don’t make a buck off this.