Mentor’s view: Startups: Building a travel startup amidst acute global uncertainty

Agenda: self-promotion, discuss disruption of markets.

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(The first of an occasional series about what I’m exploring and learning as I work with this startup team since June, 2020.)

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We’re aware of the mortal injuries of the travel and tourism industries from broad lack of customers as well as many restrictions on international and international travel due to our current COVID-19 pandemic due to Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

My work as mentor with the founding CEO of a travel startup (and the founding team) has deepened my understanding of different, narrower market disruption to so-called Sustainable Travel: regenerative travel. This disruption happens – and is growing – even as travel and tourism of all kinds remains stalled.

Regenerative travel is a newer marketing buzzword being campaigned to legitimize a more ambitious, even less common vision of travel and tourism which ostensibly destroys Earth less.

Now, “Regenerative Travel” cloaks itself in the values, goals, ideas and customer attention of “regenerative agriculture“, a term otherwise utterly irrelevant to travel and tourism that was first coined by magazine publisher Robert Rodale and others.

Elaine Glusac reported on regenerative travel trends ideas and business in The New York TimesMove Over, Sustainable Travel. Regenerative Travel Has Arrived on August 27th, 2020.