My clients

Who do I work with?

Are you facing the same problems? Held back by a similar legacy? Or reaching for the outcomes? Transforming the same functions? The same metrics? Cultural bedrock?

A brief profile of my clients

My clients are decision-makers and goal-setters accountable for their organization’s growth. Typically, owners, CEOs, general managers, non-profit executive directors, and team leaders.

Common experiences of their’s that are clues that you and your teams may gain from working with me:

How do their problems and needs come up in conversation? What to they say they’re dealing with? Typically they talk about external threats (competitors, regulations, tastes) and demands (materials and logistics costs , hiring and tastes). Or internal obstacles (brittle organization adaptability and capabilities, weak staff performance, inefficient processes and partners, and culture breakdown)

Few admit outright to be unable to generate growth. No one admits they can’t figure out how to innovate.

I’m always open to talking with owners, CEOs, executive directors and team leaders struggling to generate growth who don’t know how to lead sustainable innovation in their organizations. … guidance and coaching

Before this [UX for Leaders] workshop, I thought design was just decoration and user experience wasn’t important. Now, I get it. I understand that the user’s point of view helps us understand what we need to build. And if [our user] can’t figure it out, all our work is a waste of time.

— Senior IT Leader, Top 20 private wealth management bank, NYC

This [UX strategy collaboration engagement] has been one of the most rewarding partnership of my career.

— VP for User Research, Enterprise Information solutions provider, Boston

I’m a technical architect leading a team trying to grasp and implement Agile. Four’s patience, thoughtful questions and focus on the user’s point of view helped me and my team think about our [EHR product] customer – and gave us [user story mapping] tools to set our sprint priorities so we build the right things.

— System architect leading their first Agile team, Healthcare software provider, NYC