I’m seeking a UX designer for a Django / iOS project

Want to design UX for a project?

I’m looking for a UX designer for a client.

If you’re interested based on these details, please let me know.

The best reply includes your name, email address, LinkedIn URL and one to three sentences expressing your interest and anything I need to know to learn more from you. This gets you on my list of interested people who I can contact.

The best LinkedIn profile includes a link to your portfolio.

The best follow-up reply by you anticipates and answers my Qs about your potential job performance, the better to inform my initial assessment of your suitability and my judgement of the effort I’ll make to consider your candidacy for this client.

Does my client need a “UI” designer or a “UX” designer? At this point I’m not making that distinction. I just picked “UX”.

This work is part-time.

The project is built with Django/DRF (Django Rest Framework)/iOS.

Familiarity with Python, Django templates and/or iOS a plus.

The UX design work would be these 4 broad types:

  • UI Prototyping
  • Interactivity and Animation
  • Adaptation to All Device Screen Sizes
  • Implementation with Developer.

You’d probably be a 1099 subcontractor.

Yes, there are lots of Q.s about the work and the job that are not answered here.

By what date I’ll decide whom to offer to the client, if anyone, is not yet decided.

Please, send long replies to jobs@fourhewes.com.