My expertise

The five broad areas of my expertise

Building courage :: Helping you to adapt your perspective, your behaviors and your organization to change, so your business battles status quo; thrives, grows and wins. Without courage gains don’t last.

Listening to customers :: Helping you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, so your direction is driven by what they value. Your customer’s perspective is the only one.

Mentoring innovation :: Helping you enable your people to envision and then create new products, services and businesses that strengthen your value to your customer. Lead them to create new customers and new growth.

Aligning with customers :: Helping you communicate across domains (inside and outside). Helping create systems that keep you close to customers. For understanding and action. So your direction and your customer’s value are aligned.

Design for customers :: Raising design skills, techniques and mindsets that are focused around human needs generally, and customers’ needs specifically. instead of system “needs”. Building innovators who turn problems into value.