Expertise and Services

I’m a consulting advisor, mentor and coach to managers, teams and leaders.

I’ve expertise in innovation, design and discovery.

I have experience building and supporting leaders, designers, teams and innovators to perform at high levels.

I can help you identify the problems you face – and articulate them to yourself and others. When we know them – and we can describe them, scrutinize and critique them to ourselves and with others – then I can help you discover and seize the opportunities that “live on the other side of the problems” that we’re tackling. I’ve found that often my clients know these opportunities exist – but couldn’t see them.

I combine my expertise in innovation, design and discovery with experience raising the performance of people and systems and supporting learning and change by leaders and teams.

I offer assessments , workshops, training, speaking, and facilitation services that complement my roles as expert, mentor, advisor and coach. I offer each of these separately or combined – however we agree will best help you and your business overcome problems, thrive, and grow.

Here you can learn a little about the expert help I can provide to you.

First, let’s chat. I’ve found this is the best way to start exploring your needs and goals and our fit. And frankly, it’s a simple measure of how interested you are in working together with me, which is a very “hands-on” experience. Then, together, we can decide the right action for you.

Below I describe “packages” of my services that suit many clients. If you see what you need, order on this page. I’ll contact you to talk about starting to work together.

You might need me to help you a bit differently. That often comes up. My arrangements are flexible. I’m glad to compose a group of my services for you.

Through my management consulting, I help you identify your unique strengths and manage your weaknesses, whether it’s managing your projects, hiring technical people, leadership skill development, or managing risk. I suggest options for you, and then you decide on an appropriate set of actions. If you like, I help you plan how to accomplish those actions and coach you through those changes.

My philosophy is that people want to do a good job, they just don’t always know what they are supposed to do, nor how to do it.