Everything starts with your customer

Your customers own your value now.

Its always changing.

Your risk: Valuing the status quo instead.

I build innovators.
My focus is human-centered and customer-centered innovation.

What does the customer value?

For a business to deliver value and thrive everything starts with this question. Everything.

Organizations that interest me are either:
1. Design-driven, & customer-centered. Leaders who listen more than they talk. Transparent, flat power structures. Broad staff autonomy.
2. Loosing/dying due to hierarchy, short-termism, egos, organizational rigidity or brittleness, fear of change, market disruption, lack of courage.
3. Very old (100+ years)
4. Very new (0 – 3 years)

I’m glad to consider roles such as:
Design Head
Design team leader/mentor.
Advisor or leader of an innovation initiative.
Guide / do new product research & definition.
Fix your design problems.
It’s a big world. What haven’t I thought of?

When discussing a position, I focus on desired outcomes, not how to get there.
I’m interested in opportunities to create strategic impact with a large degree of autonomy.
I’m interested in reward for results, not just showing up & going through the motions.
I use design production for research / prototyping & visual communication.

To stand out, hire like Steve Jobs…

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Business & product / service innovation / design in the current business climate:
Your customers now own your value. They will not yield it back to you. Their demands will increase.
Status quo is today’s risk. On-going disruption is the path forward.
Technology is not the answer. The customer is the answer.
Leadership is the main lever you have for renewal of your organization.

Disruptive innovation is messy, inefficient & takes courage.

I help leaders of startups & large organizations radically align with their customers. For increased value, sustainable growth, organizational & leadership renewal.